The Stylish Yet Vintage 2020 Fashion Styles That You Must Try

2 Women Wearing Vintage Clothes

Vintage Fashion Styles You Must Try

Over the decades, fashion has been ruling the minds of people. Popular fashion trends influence people’s lifestyles, their personalities. For instance the old classic fashion of flares and tunics, isn’t just a mere dress but this fashion symbolized their attitudes, the personality of that generation. Coming towards the fashion of the 21st century, it is stylish yet bold. Because today’s generation is not fearful of what they do, what they think they just do without being scared of anything. Fashion is just not about clothing, it is the essence of one’s personality. It refers to one’s beliefs. So, buckle up ladies, as I am going to explore some 2020 fashion trends that you must try.

Shoulder Bags:

Are you one of those that can’t handle those big handbags? Do they ruin your whole fashion besides gives a feminine look? If yes, then you don’t have to worry about that anymore as shoulder bags are just ruling the fashion world in 2020. They are voguish yet wearable.  Also, you don’t have to rely on one design. It’s totally up to you whether you want to go with a simple colored or a tie-dye one. If you want to look chic and handle all your significant equipment at the same time, then shoulder bags are the ones you need most in your life.

Retro Style Embellishments:

Doesn’t matter how far we go, the era of the ’60s and its fashion will be everlasting. They will always be the part of a trend whether it’s about formals or occasional. If you don’t believe us, then have a look at this 60’s vintage garment that is the ongoing trend of 2020. The crystals and diamontes embroidered in a garment give an aesthetic look. Also, with this, you don’t have to wear a lot of accessories as this dress is consists of heavy accessories in itself. You can pair up this outfit with minimal makeup and light accessories so that your vintage garment will be in the limelight.

Hair Kerchiefs:

Hair kerchiefs are one of the most trending accessories of 2020. You can use these kerchiefs by simply wrapping it, or can make a hairband, ponytail or even a bun with it. Besides, the most amazing thing about these kerchiefs you can make this at home from your spare scarf. It has many different styles you can opt for whether a floral print or a polka dots one, in case you don’t like both of them you can go for a third one as the possibilities in its design are endless.

Co-Coordinating Sweat Shirts:

Co-coordinating sweatshirts, another wildfire trend of fall 2020 that set the whole fashion world to fire. Now you must be thinking that how can sweatshirts be the part of summer trend? It may seem a little bit odd to you? Well, thanks to this novel virus, you all spent this summer’s indoors by sitting on your sofas. So, these coordinating sweatshirts are the voguish option of staying cozy inside. You can wear these sweatshirts at night while the cool air comes from your air conditioners or you can also go outside while wearing this at night. Doesn’t matter if it’s outdoor or indoor you will look chic in it. Besides, there are many possibilities in designs and colors so, you can opt for the one that you like the most.

Wrapping Up:

Wrapping up with a beautiful quotation of Bill Cunningham “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” So, ladies to survive these lives, to live its fullest, fashion is the key to it. If you opt for a fashion, you are not only opting for good clothing or accessories but it will be the reflection of your attitude, your taste, your preferences, and your style.


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