The Best Tricks to Motivate You to Train Every Day at Home or Outdoors


For a few days, we have been able to go out to train at certain times, and thus, although the quarantine continues, we can move outdoors. But if you find yourself reluctant, fatigued, and with no reason to exercise, here are the best motivational tricks to train every day at home or outdoors.

It is common that after a time without leaving home, worried about the coronavirus pandemic and disorganized with telework and other domestic issues, we all experience little desire to train or, we have decided in the absence of gyms, to leave the activity aside physical.

However, exercise helps us feel better, stay fit and healthy, perform better on telecommuting, and organize a better routine while reducing the anxiety and stress that quarantine can generate.

Therefore, more than ever we should try to move a little and for this, we leave the following tricks to motivate you :

Establish a fixed schedule

It can work for us not to miss the activity, establish a fixed time to train, just as we did when we went to the gym.

We can maintain the schedule before quarantine or put a new one that may or may not coincide with the time bands in which we are authorized to go abroad.

It does not need to be a full hour, but with just 30 minutes we can achieve great results training every day, at home, or outside of it.

Wear comfortable clothes and accompanying music

Just as you would in other circumstances, at home to train we need to be dressed appropriately and music will be our best company.

Depending on the training or activity we plan to do, we can choose one or the other music that accompanies our rhythm and that we like, because it will be the best way to encourage movement to the rhythm of our favorite songs.

Record your movement and analyze the evolution

Whether with a gadget such as a smartwatch or other wearable, we can record the movement time, the steps are taken, or the calories burned.

All these parameters will help us to move every day and the desires for self-improvement will contribute so that every day we give more and more of ourselves when training.

Organize a competition with family or friends

Virtual we can organize a competition if we believe that this will encourage us to move. We can for example propose to record the steps and the one who has given the most in a certain number of days or a week wins, or compete to know who performs more push-ups, squats, or another exercise.

Vary your workouts and choose the activity that you like the most

Falling into monotony always doing the same routine is a serious mistake that we usually make, so do not forget to vary your training, modify the exercises, the music, and other elements of each routine.

Also, it is essential that you choose an activity that you like, whether it is going for a run or walking outdoors, or doing CrossFit at home, strength training, dancing, or other.

These are the best tricks to not lower your arms in the middle of the quarantine and get the motivation we need to train every day at home or outdoors until the gyms and fitness centers can resume activities.


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