Panoramic Monitors With the Best Quality/Price Ratio


Perfect to meet the academic needs of both teachers and students, the monitors in this selection offer advanced features and share among them their panoramic format, a size of 24 inches, and high image quality. And all this at an affordable price.

Having a good monitor becomes essential when optimally viewing virtual classes, correcting exams, preparing resources, find information, or watch videos with which to deepen knowledge or do work. For all this, you need a peripheral that has advanced features, such as a Full HD screen, which provides great image quality, based on both sharpness and color intensity. But it is also good that it has technologies that reduce eyestrain or different HDMI and VGA ports to connect the computer, either desktop or laptop. Next, we propose a selection of panoramic monitors in which we have taken all this into account and, also, they have a size of 24 inches, perfect for any space.

Acer SA240YABI

It integrates IPS technology that allows the images that appear on the screen to be viewed clearly, regardless of the viewing angle. Thanks to the advanced technologies it integrates, it can reduce eyestrain, eliminate flickering thanks to a continuous supply of energy and reduce the amount of light reflected in it, achieving a more comfortable and pleasant viewing for hours. And to accompany the image, it has been provided with two 2W speakers that allow you to enjoy music or the sound of audiovisual content.


In this model, IPS technology guarantees greater image uniformity and precision, providing a wider display of up to 178º. Glare-free, allows you to enjoy moving images with fewer interruptions or distortions, offering realistic reproduction with 5-millisecond gray-to-gray response time. It features the Low Blue Light mode whereby it subtly changes the colors on the screen to a warmer gamut while making whites more natural and helping to lower the level of strain on the eyes. And to adjust it to the preferences of each user it is possible to tilt it from 5 to 23º backward.

Lenovo L24i

This ultra-thin, borderless, high-definition screen projects images at a wide viewing angle without distortion or glare. With a response time of 4 ms, it uses the TUV Low Blue Light technology designed to take care of your eyes when you have to spend many hours in front of it. For its part, its slim base, adjustable in terms of inclination, includes a cable organizer (it has HDMI and VGA connections) that allows you to keep the table or desk more organized.


Thanks to Super Resolution + technology, it improves the quality of content display without losing resolution or sharpness. Added to this is a black stabilizer, which allows you to enjoy better visibility, even in the darkest scenes. For its part, the Screen Split function divides the screen into different tasks, changing the size of the windows. Its base has been designed in a curved shape, to provide a differentiating aesthetic and at the same time greater robustness and stability.

Samsung S24D332

It is capable of delivering rich blacks, plus a response time of just 1ms. It includes the Magic Upscale technology that rescales the contents of lower resolutions, increasing the source quality of the image. Also, it prevents it from deforming when enlarged, reproducing colors realistically and intensely. Meanwhile, for eye care, it integrates Flicker-Free technology, which reduces flicker and adds an automatic brightness adjustment function, achieving a reduction in energy consumption of 10%.


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