Microphones to Create Your Own Podcast


These Internet audio programs help attract student attention and enhance learning for any subject or topic. To create them it is necessary to have the right equipment: the microphone for the computer, the smartphone or the tablet are some of the indispensable elements.

The thematic variety of podcasts is such that there are hundreds specialized in history, science, mathematics, or English that dynamically address these subjects; and precisely this attractiveness makes them a very interesting resource to promote learning. Do you want to create your own? These podcast microphones will help you do just that.

AmazonBasics microphone

This small condenser microphone is perfect for recording podcasts with your smartphone, to which it connects via its 3.5mm audio jack. Its unidirectional polar pattern makes it pick up those sounds that are produced only in front of the phone. Also, it stands out for having a 360-degree clip that adjusts to the terminal, being able to locate phones between 10 and 16.5 centimeters wide. Also, it can rotate 60º so that it can also be used standing up. It comes with an extension cord and requires no batteries or software.


An ideal USB microphone for computers and tablets that captures voice from the front for clear and dynamic recording. Its features include a noise cancellation function that isolates the main sound source to guarantee the cleanest possible audio. It has a metal mesh, is tube-shaped and has a greater height than other models, in order not to have to lower your head when recording. It is accompanied by a small tripod.

NGS Singerfire

It is a vocal microphone that stands out for its traditional format and for connecting through a traditional audio plug (6.3 mm jack). Its cable is 3 meters long to have greater freedom of movement and its controls are very simple: it only has an on / off button. It is compatible with multiple devices: mixer, computer, television… Thanks to being unidirectional, it only captures the voice of the announcer, being less sensitive to sounds that come from other directions and that would detract from the quality of the collected audio.

Tascam DR-07X

A portable audio recorder that can perform the same function of a microphone, with the advantage that it can transport and record by itself without needing to connect it to other equipment. Small and manageable, it has two Microphones for podcasting, one-way stereo condenser capable of being placed in different positions and picking up sound from various directions. It offers an overwriting function and has a USB port for the transfer of content, as well as outputs for PC or iOS. Also, it integrates the dictation mode, specially designed for voice recording and transcription.

Toner TC-777

Equipped with a USB port Equipped with a USB 2.0 port and with plug & play operation, it is compatible with both Windows and macOS computers. It is a very versatile device since it allows both the transmission and the vocal recording, music, podcasting, and audio for YouTube videos. It features a cardioid pickup pattern, enabling you to capture clear, smooth, and crisp sound, distinguishing it from background noise. It is accompanied by a tripod and a pop filter.


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