How to Pass the Time During Stay at Home


Whether you’re full-on quarantined, following stay-at-home orders, or some other version of stuck at home, you might be starting to get to the point of what do I do with all this time on my hands? Or perhaps that point came a long time ago. Regardless, if, like the majority of us, you have found yourself passing a lot of time at home these days, here are some productive suggestions for how to keep busy and stave off boredom!

6 Tips for Productively Spending your Time During Stay at Home

         1. Try Out Some New Recipes

If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the past few months, you surely know that everyone is trying out some type of new recipe. Whether they’re baking sourdough bread, trying their hand at homemade pizza, or following the newest luxe coffee recipe, there’s something out there for anyone to try! You can go simple or challenging, sweet or salty, baked, grilled, fried, or blended- the options are endless!

        2. Work on your Healthy Habits

This is definitely the time to put in the work on the healthy habits you’ve been meaning to implement in your life. While your recipe testing might run the gamut from healthy to downright cardiac-arrest worthy, your habits should focus on the things you can do – today – to better your overall health. Think about super simple things like adding another veggie to each plate of food today, drinking a certain amount of water, or getting up every 15-20 minutes and doing some stretches or exercises. Pick one thing, make it so simple you almost can’t not do it and then commit to doing it regularly for the next two weeks. After that, you can pick a completely new habit or up the ante on your current habit and make it a bit more challenging.

       3. Incorporate a New At-Home Workout Routine

Speaking of healthy habits, haven’t you been meaning to get more serious about your exercise routine? This is the time to make it happen! Don’t count on motivation to get you up and out of bed to complete your workout, either. Schedule out the time in your planner or in your phone – write it down and make it a non-negotiable. It doesn’t need to be an hour of uninterrupted movement, either. Think smaller: think in minutes! Find minutes in your day to get moving and it all adds up.

      4. Rev up your self-care

You know you’re supposed to be incorporating self-care habits into your daily routine, but have you made the time to actually do it? No worries, get started now! Self-care isn’t just about being indulgent with massages and pedicures, it’s about taking the time to refill your own cup so you can be a nourished, healthy, functioning and happy human being. Self-Care is a stress reliever, a mood booster, and a way to keep you motivated through these uncertain times. Plan out some time in your day to do something that relaxes you or contributes to the wellbeing of your emotional, physical or spiritual health!

       5. Get Creative

Another great way to pass the time during the pandemic is to indulge in something that harnesses your creativity! This will most likely look different for everyone but once again the options are limitless. You could try painting or drawing, building or constructing something, reading, writing, taking an online class and more. Think of something you enjoy doing, or that you’ve always wanted to try, and set aside some time to get it done. Using the power of your own creativity helps you feel more productive and that you’re doing something worthwhile with your time.

      6. Be Easy on Yourself and Relax

Finally, just because it seems like everyone around you is doing, doing, doing during this pandemic, doesn’t mean that you have to, too. If you just aren’t feeling up to cooking, exercising, building, etc – don’t worry about it! Take this time to relax, reset, get in touch with yourself and your emotions. It is both OK and normal to feel overwhelmed, unsure, anxious and scared during these times of uncertainty, and if those feelings don’t provoke productivity in all of us, that is certainly understandable. Listen to yourself and follow your own lead.

The majority of us might have found ourselves spending a lot of time at home these days, but try out these tips when you’re trying to fight the boredom and remain productive during Stay at Home!


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