How to Do Squats the Right Way?

Women Doing Squats

How to Do Squats the Right Way?

Some thrilling words like “Do your squats like you do your snacks”, “a squat a day, keeps the blues away”, and all the hype on social media with getting that round, perfect booty is taking every fitness freak by storm. And why not? Squats are the most targeted exercises for your glutes that help tone your thigh muscles and give you more core strength in your pelvic region. While you are performing this exercise, it is necessary to make sure you are putting your effort into the right thing. That is why knowing how to do squats is more important than anything when you decide to do this exercise.

We mean, you can get all the expensive resistance bands you want and the best looking yoga pants, but if you are unaware of how to do squats properly, there will be no major benefits that you might expect from these exercises.

How many Calories do Squats Burn?

Before knowing the proper way to do squats, you first need to know what results you are anticipating. The toned muscles burn fat, and a rounder butt is some obvious traits we are seeking in this exercise. But we need to look a bit deeper to see how many calories we are actually going to burn in the exercise.

So, let’s suppose you are an individual weighing around 140 pounds that make 63.5 kgs, and you perform high-intensity squats for 5 minutes. You will be burning roughly 52.5 calories in that duration. If you want to go into more detail, you can calculate how many calories you burned in a minute while doing squats by multiplying your weight in pounds with 0.096. The answer will be the number of calories you burned doing squats for a minute.

Noting this idea, you can make a goal of how much fat you can actually burn and how much capacity you are building for your muscles to develop there so you can estimate the time for noticing visible results. The basic point is to be aware of what you want to give a direction to your actions.

How to do Squats the Proper Way?

We have already discussed why figuring out the total number of calories you are going to burn through this exercise plays an important role in setting your goals. To be accurate, this is the actual baseline for doing squats the proper way.

The next step is to focus on the “how” part that concerns the action – the exercise itself.

  1. You need to stand with your feet at length approximately wider than your hips.
  2. Your toes should be facing outwards at an extended angle from 5 degrees to a maximum of 20 degrees – note that many people unknowingly point their toes inwards, which does not add up to the benefits you are anticipating from the exercise.
  3. Pick a place where you can note your direction and your position while doing the exercise – the reference point can be a wall that will guide you to stay in the same alignment as you do your reps.
  4. Keep looking at the reference point each time you squat to so your posture remains straight and aligned.
  5. Put your arms parallel to the ground, so your chest remains expanded. Also, make sure that your back remains in a neutral position, and it does not slouch.
  6. Focus your weight on your heels and under the balls of your feet. Make sure they remain affixed to the ground throughout your exercise session.
  7. Keep your core engaged during each flexion. This is one of the most important points you need to remember. You can do it by crushing together your glutes each time you bend, so the energy gravitates to your glutes.
  8. Take deep breaths with your stomach and keep your butt pushed to the back. Make sure that with each flexion, you are bending your hips back.
  9. Keep your knees aligned with your feet. For this, it is important you do not pull them inward as it will not give your glutes the space they need to contract and relax, and you also put yourself at risk for getting a strain.
  10. Go deep enough to feel the burn, many beginners doing squats don’t move their hip joints lower than the knee joint which does not benefit them in any way, so go all the way down till your knees are higher than your hips.
  11. As you stand up from the flexion, keep your focus on the balls of your feet. Also, exhale when you are standing up through your mouth.
  12. Also, push your knees in the outward direction while standing up, so you enable the extension to take place at its optimum level.

These were some steps that tell you how to do squats properly. The next step might involve you getting your favorite yoga pants and kettlebells.

Extra Tip: Some people might add kettlebells or dumbbells for added resistance, but squats for beginners generally revolve around the idea of focusing on your own bodyweight first. You can add weights for increasing endurance once you are a pro at the game. So, if some Instagram influencer is insisting upon taking some weight in your exercise, you rather should be focusing on building enough resistance through your own weight first.

Final Word

We hope this article helped you figure out the way to how to do squats properly. With just a little practice and consistency, we hope you get enough skills to perform this exercise in the perfect manner. Also, take care of your nutrition as high protein intake is needed to see more visible results. You can take proteins from chicken, eggs, red meat, tofu, and lentils. The actual idea is to focus on building your muscles and burning the fat through doing squats so you can get the perfect shape as well as the core strength that you want in the targeted areas.


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