Cities to Visit While Backpacking in Spain


One of the most popular countries to backpack in, Spain, is a beautiful, colorful, and passionate country that is very welcoming to backpackers, especially because the country is relatively inexpensive. There are many amazing cities to explore from Barcelona to Madrid as well as the beautiful and lush countryside with smaller towns. With so much to do and see while backpacking in Spain, these are four cities that are a must-visit while you are in the country.


As the second-largest city in Spain, Barcelona is a bustling city filled with excitement. With unique architecture offering a unique look at the past, the city offers plenty of history to explore. Gaudi, Barcelona’s most famous architect, built up the city using Gothic and Art Nouveau styles. Other popular attractions in the city include Picasso Museum, which holds over 3,000 of his works and the Barcelona History Museum, with Roman ruins within its walls. While in Barcelona, you should also visit the beach, which is within walking distance from the city center. With the excitement and history of the city, Barcelona is a beautiful must-see in Spain.


Being both the capital and largest city in Spain, Madrid offers plenty to do. The Royal Palace of Madrid is in the center of the city and is one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Spain. If you are interested in history, you can even enter the palace to learn more. After visiting the palace, be sure to see the Cathedral, the Templo de Debod, and the Plasa Mayor. Another unique place to visit is the oldest restaurant in the world, Sobrino de Botín. Operating for more than 250 years, the restaurant continues to provide an old-world atmosphere and an original wood-fired oven. The capital city of Madrid offers an amazing experience for any backpacker.


High in the mountains of Spain lies the city of Granada, surrounded by nature. The most popular destination is the Alhambra Fortress, hidden in the mountains. When you visit the fortress, however, you will find beautiful and colorful gardens. The buildings are intricately decorated, and the view of the city below is stunning. Another beautiful activity is viewing the sunset at the top of Sacromonte. Potentially the best sunset in Spain, once you reach the top of Sacromonte, you will see the spectacular view overlooking the Alhambra Fortress and the city of Granada. The beautiful yet secluded Granada is a must-visit city in Spain.


One of the most-loved cities in Southern Europe, Seville, is a charming city that offers plenty of exploring for backpackers. In the historic center, you will find the Alcázar Royal Palace, one of the oldest royal palaces in Europe that is still in use, holds beautiful gardens, intricate decorations, and thousands of years of history. Other unique sights include the Seville Cathedral, the third-largest church in the world, and the Maria Luisa Park, which offers stunning gardens and a beautiful water fountain. The charming city of Seville is an amazing addition to a backpacking trip around Spain.

Spain is a fantastic country to backpack in. With some of the most popular cities in Europe, beautiful palaces, and remarkable history, it’s no wonder why Spain is a popular place to backpack. If you do decide to visit, at least one of the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, and Seville should be on your list of places to visit.


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