Bags to Go to a Festival


Preparing your next festival date this summer? Choose the ideal accessory to carry your things among these bag options to go to a festival.

As the song says … “summer has come, has come, has come”, and with it, the expected music festivals. Did you know that only in Spain more than 800 are celebrated in June, July, and August? Having an extraordinary climate and more hours of sunshine than our European neighbors have placed us at the head of all of them for having more outdoor festivals. And it does not matter what type of music you like best, rock, indie, electronic, metal, fusion, etc. There are options to satisfy all audiences.

If you have a festive soul and the intention of going to one this summer, you cannot miss the selection of backpacks, fanny packs, and bags to go to a festival that we have compiled for you in this post. Key accessories that are useful so that you can comfortably carry the essentials and, what is better, with style. Shall we start with the list? We don’t make you wait any longer.

5 great examples of types of bags to go to a festival

Although there are many kinds of bags we are going to focus on those that can best adapt to you and fit into a festival event. These 5 models are the best options:


A tiny bag similar to a toiletry bag, with a single hand strap to hang it from the wrist. It is the perfect ally if you are one of those who only want to carry what is minimally essential and you do not want anything with a larger volume to bother you while you indulge in music and the experience of the moment.


A small bag that usually has a handle and a longer one, a shoulder strap, to hang it cross. Even having a smaller size than other bags, it allows you to put everything you need into it (without excesses, of course!), Making it a very attractive option to consider.


This practical bag, in small or medium size, is characterized by having a long shoulder strap that allows you to hang it over your shoulder or, what is better, carry it across it to make it more comfortable. Choose it with more than one pocket so you can put even more things in it.

Belt bag

Is there anything more comfortable and easier to wear than a fanny pack? Whether tied at the waist or around your back, you will free your hands, your shoulders, and your arms. And, also, it is so fashionable, that you can find it in all kinds of patterns and colors, and with more and fewer zippers so that you can choose the one that best suits your style and personality.


Like waste bags, they are also very fashionable to use in many outfits daily. Above all, in neutral colors that are the best match for any garment. If you are one of those who have a small bag or a fanny pack, it will undoubtedly be your best companion. Hang it on your back and forget you’re wearing it.

Have our ideas inspired you? You can find some in our online store and also in different shades and finishes, but if there is one in the catalog that you like a lot and you don’t see, come to El Corte Ingl├ęs or to one of the bags and accessories stores that distribute our brand and ask for her without problems.


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