17 Exercises Without Equipment, to Work the Glutes at Home


If for some reason you cannot go to the gym or you are far from it, you should know that there are no reasons not to train. To demonstrate it, we left 17 exercises without equipment, to work the glutes at home.

Squats and their variants

The sit-ups are a basic exercise that allows you to request large muscles of the lower body as of the body.

We can make different variants of this complete movement:

  • Classic squat or squat
  • Bulgarian squat resting one foot on a bench, chair, or bed.
  • Pistol squat or one-legged squat that intensifies the work by making a unilateral movement. If it is very complex we can lean on a wall for its execution.
  • Jump squats to plyometric work the muscles of the lower body, including the gluteus.

Strides and their variants

Like squats, strides or lunges are a classic that we cannot do if we want to work our glutes with nothing more than our body weight.

Among the alternatives that we recommend to carry out are:

  • Classic strides
  • Backward strides
  • Striding from a kneeling position on the ground, which intensifies work by having to rise.
  • Side strides

Buttock bridge and hip thrust

They are two classics that we can not stop doing at home, although we do not weight to add to the movements.

We can realize:

  • Glute bridge or glute bridge with high back resting on the ground
  • Glute bridge to one leg, alternating the leg we raise to intensify one-sided glute work.
  • Hip thrust resting your upper back on a bench, chair, or bed to lower your hips from there and push hard with each repetition.

Other options for working buttocks at home

In addition to the aforementioned exercises, we can exercise glutes at home by performing the following movements without equipment :

  • Buttock kick or donkey kick consisting of performing a hip extension with a bent knee to one leg.
  • Quadruped leg curl, to work from the same position as the previous one, extending and flexing the knee. We will request hamstrings and glutes.
  • Skater jump that at the same time allows you to burn calories, this skater movement is also called.
  • One-leg deadlift, weightless, or using a loaded backpack in your hands.
  • Step-ups alternately climbing a chair or bench.
  • Side step-ups climbing sideways onto a chair or bench.

These are 17 exercises that we can do at home to work the buttocks without equipment and thus, not lose physical shape even if we are outside the gym.


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